Come at me Chemo!

After three days of roids, I started chemotherapy treatment with R-CHOP (Rituximab, Cyclophosphamide, Vincristine, Doxorubicin). I was on my own when I started (Rituxi) mabs through a drip in my new Paris themed room #NijjarsInParis. (My husband loves that hashtag). I had an allergic reaction to Mabs, which involved heavy sweats, burning sensations in the stomach and the worst indigestion I’ve ever had. After scaring the sh*t out of my mum, bro and bestie Jenna, the doctor decided to take me off Mabs and immediately start with chemo. I can’t really remember much of having Mabs because I was out of it but you know that scene in The Exorcist when that creepy girl is going crazy when she’s strapped down to her bed….I imagine that’s what it must have looked like haha! Within the first few days of having chemo, the swelling of my stomach went down drastically, however, the fluids made my lower body very very swollen (I had the worst cankles you’ve ever seen!). This soon went away when I didn’t need as many liquids put into my drip.

The only way I can describe chemo is like having the worst hangover in the world…times a million! Every single day is different, with unpleasant side effects such as non-stop vomiting, headaches, tiredness, coughing, and in my case all of this has been worse due to suffering from a chest/throat infection. The fourth day of chemo was the worst, I vomited about 20 times. I sat on the toilet and thought ‘I might as well sleep in here’. I got myself upset but actually being sick off alcohol is way worse! It’s not nice, but it’s not the worst. I decided from the next day onwards that I would take my medicinal oil on a morning before chemo and at night before going to bed. That day I was only sick once.

Within the first few days I had my Hickman line put in, which made my life a hundred times easier. My arms were battered from nurses constantly taking blood samples and it got to the point where they couldn’t actually get any blood out. The Hickman line was put into the top right area of my chest. It allows the nurses to withdraw blood and insert drips without any further needles. If you need a Hickman Line putting in, it will seriously be your best friend!

Other side effects I have experienced in the first week of treatment is extreme fatigue/tiredness, dry hands, dry mouth/lips, migraines, high temperature, nose bleeds, loss of appetite and dizziness off the meds! All lovely stuff! If you’re anxious about the first week of chemo, don’t be, its manageable. Having said that I do think my magic oil has helped with dealing with the symptoms.

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  1. Hang in there Sarah! This is Christy’s uncle Jay. We are all praying for you to have a swift recovery.

    Love from the USA!

    1. Hi Jay! Thank you so much for the support. Lovely to hear from you and so pleased my blogs have reached the USA! Love Sarah

  2. I love ur come at me attitude. U sound like a fighter who is going to kick this lymphomas arse x x hope the side effects get easier for you x x

    My dad has just been diagnosed with non hodgkins lymphoma I’m going to tag him in ur blog as he said he likes the support groups hope u don’t mind.

    He just had his full body scan today and says he will feel better when he knows the full picture x x

    1. Hi Pam! I’m sorry to hear that your dad has been diagnosed with Lymphoma. I believe that right now having a positive support network through family, friends and social media is very powerful and will definitely help your dad throughout this time. I am so pleased that you have found my website and blogs helpful. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Good luck to your dad on his full body scan! I remember getting mine and it was a relief to know exactly what was happening!

      Stay strong and positive.
      Sarah xx

  3. Amazing that you have the energy to write about your experiences – but great that you can write about it with humour and such positivity – keep it up! Xxxx

  4. Hi Sarah, I just wanted to say….

    Whan an inspiration you are to anyone going through this at the moment or about to go through this. I do believe If your positive, like yourself, you can get through anything. A bit of humour goes a long way. Good luck with all your future treatment. Xx

    1. Hi Becky,

      Thanks so much for the lovely comment. I agree with you 100% that positivity can get you through anything. That’s the key!

      Thanks for your support.

      Sarah xx

  5. Hi Sarah like you, my husband has been diagnosed with cancer 14 yrs back. Although it’s different kind of cancer the chemo doesn’t really affected him but the radiotherapy knocked the hell out of him. Jus hang in there, be positive, there’s always light at the end of fhe tunnel. X

    1. Hi Susie! Thank you for your message. Treatment is a very scary time and not the most pleasant. I believe all cancer fighters including your husband are unbelievably brave and it’s them who have been my inspiration when starting treatment.

      Sarah xx

  6. Your positivity is an inspiration and a testament to how you are tackling this. I hope everyone around you is remaining as upbeat and filling your room with those good vibes. Keep kicking its ar*e.

  7. Hi lovely it’s Jade. Love the hashtag by the way. Not sure what number to try and get you on whilst you’re at home but anywho we miss you in Doobs. Reading your first entry has made us smile and we will keep up to date with your blog to see how you’re getting on. You got this. Love Jade and Genesco xx

  8. Hey love! I will whatsapp you this week. Hope life back in Dubs is going good and that you’re still hitting the gym!

    Catch up with you soon and thank for the support!

    Sarah xx

  9. HI MISS!!! I miss you so much and reading your positivity is so uplifting and inspiring. It makes me beyond happy seeing you happy and how well you are handling this situation. We all miss you so much here in Dubai, we’re staring our geography coursework AND WE DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO WITHOUT YOU ahahah. We are waiting to see you very soon!! Love you <3

    1. Hi Cleo! Thanks for reading the blogs and sending such a positive comment! I really miss JC and sad to miss out on the coursework part with you guys. I know for a fact that you all will do really well with the coursework! I don’t expect anything less than an A*! Hopefully I’ll be back soon! Good luck with the coursework and exams!

  10. Hey miss!!! I love to see how happy you are whilst going through this tough time, I miss you so so much in geography, the whole class misses you especially whilst doing our coursework, as you were so helpful in class with everything we had to do. I wish you the best of luck in the future and we are all sending our love to you and your family x <3 <3

    1. Hi Danielle, thanks so much for the comment and the support. I miss teaching you guys but I’m sure you are all doing very well with the coursework. Good luck for the rest of Year 11 and I hope to see you all soon!

  11. Hi Miss!! With all you’re going through it’s both amazing and inspiring to witness through your blog how strong and positive you are. Geography is never the same without you and are missed by everyone. Best of luck and keep fighting!! Ly and miss you xx

    1. Hi Nawal! Lovely to hear from you and thanks for the positivity! I really miss teaching at JC but I’m sure you’re doing great without me. Good luck with all your coursework and exams! Hope to see you all soon 🙂

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