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I remember wondering (while I was fatigued and feeling sick) how bad am I REALLY going to feel during chemo? When my counts are the lowest and I basically don’t have an immune system, how will that actually feel? Does it get any worse than this? The truth is for me, it didn’t. The important thing to remember is that everyone is different and each cancer, each treatment and each person is unique. I remember thinking when I was at this point of having very low to no neutrophils that I would feel like absolute death. The truth is I didn’t notice any difference. To me, it just felt like I was still experiencing the side effects of chemo or what I would like to describe as the hangover from hell.

Each day was different, but the worst thing for me was the sickness and feeling sick. I hate it. I hate is so much, that’s why I’m not a big drinker. No one is more scared of being sick than me. You will be sick off chemo, there’s no avoiding it. I mentioned that I take medicinal oil alongside my chemo. One day I didn’t take it in the morning before chemo and I suffered from the worst sickness I’ve ever had in my life. I felt sick all day and night and vomited non-stop during the evening. The day after, (I was getting the same chemo) I made sure to take the oil beforehand. The feeling of sickness was MUCH less. I was a million times better than the previous day. I have to say here the oil has helped and not just with the sickness….

So what else has the oil done for me during treatment? Well, I have had days where I have forgotten to take it or just couldn’t stomach it at all so I can compare oil days to non-oil days. The verdict is the oil helps massively with the side effects. The morning I suffered the most from the pain from my mouth, was the morning I forgot to take the oil. As soon as I took it, I had a nap and woke up to feel so much better. One thing chemo does is it takes away your appetite away which is why I lost so much weight. This is a big problem for me which has meant that the nurses had to stick an NG tube in my nose to my stomach to feed me overnight. Obviously, the oil doesn’t make me put on or maintain weight but it did make me realise how hungry I was. I felt STARVING when I took the oil which persuaded me to eat. I dropped to 49kg, but after cycle 1 my appetite came back straight away and I managed to put half a stone on in 4 days.

After Cycle 2, I started taking Turkey Tail oil too. My husband spent hours of his time (thanks boo!) researching natural medicines and one that stood out was the Turkey Tail mushroom. TT has shown to regenerate bone marrow and strengthen the immune system along with other health benefits. I have started to take TT when my counts have been down and so far so good. My blood checks have shown that my white blood cells have shot right back up. I don’t record all my counts every time I go to the day unit, but I know all is well.

The message of this blog is to explore all options. More and more I have been seeing articles online, especially on social media, about medicinal oils helping people with cancer. I would recommend it 100%. If you are unaware of oil helping during chemo, get yourself educated online. There are many sceptics, but if you are in a position where the C-bomb hits you or a family member, wouldn’t you want to explore all the options? Especially the natural ones? FREE the….oil 🙂

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  1. You sound really positive – which is amazing – and it must be great for other people in your situation or at the earlier stages, to know that the oil really works – must try some myself!!! Glad you’re giving Baz lots of research to do – keep him out of mischief! Take care xxxx

  2. Dear Mrs nijjar
    This is Hamzah’s mum from 10G2. Hardly a day goes by when I don’t think of you and your lovely smile! I pray for your health and high spirits and may you be back with us soon. I thought I should let you know that all of 10G2 remember you with such kind words…it’s amazing how your personality has positively affected them. Look forward to meeting you soon…you are in my prayers!

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