Happy F*cking New Year!

I was getting ready for the New Year’s Party that was held in a local village hall organised by my mates. I was looking forward to it because all my old school mates would be there, so it was kind of like a reunion for me. I decided to wear a tight bodycon midi dress, you know, the type of dress that you think you look superhot in! It wasn’t till I got home before midnight, (like the Cinderella I am), to see my husband that I noticed just how big my stomach was in this dress. I looked very bloated! My brother even said the next day that he noticed. I put it down to maybe eating more than usual over the festive period or that it was just because my period was due.

Within the next few days, I had more and more symptoms. I was getting more and more sweaty in the night and feeling hot now and again through the day. My belly was still swollen and every time I ate it made it more uncomfortable. After each meal and snack, I was going to the toilet which made it very uncomfortable! I also started getting back pain because of my belly. The most worrying thing I noticed was a lump on my left breast which the nurse had said was probably a cyst but I’m pretty sure it’s a swollen lymph node.

I did the PET scan and decided the day after that I needed to see the doctor asap because my body just doesn’t feel right. I couldn’t wait till the following week. I felt very emotional when I realised my belly wasn’t going back down and that the lump was still in my breast. It’s wasn’t easy with my husband being abroad. He always manages to cheer me up when things are very sh*tty. I skyped and messaged him with every thought, worry and feeling I had and it did help. I rang the haematology day unit and they put me through to a nurse who then arranged an appointment with the oncologist for the following morning. Let’s see what happens! #ineedsomeanswers


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