On the Roids!

So with all the symptoms I had from this week, it looks like it’s about time I get this disease out of me!  I am now showing all the symptoms of someone with Burkitt’s which is crazy because last week I had none! Just shows how aggressive this cancer is. The doc decided that a course of high dosage steroids was needed until chemo could be scheduled. So I have been on the roids for 3 days and it’s been fine. I don’t feel sick or nauseous (thank you oil!) and it has helped with the discomfort from my swollen belly.

Over the past few days, my family came to bring me treats and essentials from home that I forgot to bring. Having their company and support is so important and they always keep me smiling! Jenna and I had a laugh on the first day within the Haematology Day Unit with some of the nurses. Never a dull moment with Jenna aka my carer 🙂 I’d like to say thank you to all my friends who have come to visit me so far- Lucy, Christy, Lee, Liam and Kristine. I value your support and company so much you’ll never know! Thank you to all my other mates who have sent me messages of love and support, I will see you all very soon! I know a few of you are keeping your distances due to being unwell so thanks for that aswell LOL.

The time leading up to chemo is very scary and I can’t describe all of the emotions that are flowing through me right now. All I can say is be positive and surround yourself with an amazing support network of people that you love and trust. That’s the key. At this moment in time, I am ready. I’m ready to fight this disease so I can feel like myself again. Next stop, the chemo ward.

4 thoughts on “On the Roids!”

  1. You are such a strong person Sarah and I wish you a easy path on your journey. With Jenna as your guide you won’t get lost and every step will have a laugh I’m sure. Take care lovely x 😊

    1. Thank you so much Kirsty, It’s not easy but it does make it easier when you have crazy friends like Jenna 🙂 haha. Thanks again for the lovely message and the support xx

  2. Wishing you all the very best on your journey and a full recovery.

    From a friend of the Graham’s who had shared your posts on fbook! X

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