Telling friends and family

This was the worst. Living in Dubai, I decided to wait till I got back to England to break the news because there was no way I could drop the C Bomb over skype. I wanted to sit with them, comfort them and go through every detail so that they wouldn’t panic or think the worst. Telling my brother was the hardest thing I had to do and his reaction was heart breaking. However, talking about it REALLY helped. Going through every detail and focusing on the positives was vital. Luckily, I have a lot of positives going for me in my situation. My age, early detection, fitness, type of cancer. Obviously, there’s no such thing as a “good” cancer but in my case lymphoma can be cured through chemotherapy. I would say, no matter how bad your situation is, focus on the positives and emphasise them to your loved ones. You might only have a positive mental attitude. That’s a lot more than you think and probably one of the biggest strengths to have when battling cancer. Even if all the odds are against you, remain positive and that is your advantage over this f*cker.

Friends are SO important at this stage of the journey. Laughter is the best medicine and they will provide you with plenty of it. I told my Dubai bestie Mo first and she was unbelievably supportive. She would bring me food and pop in for chats as much as she could. Convos soon went from depressing cancer-related issues to exciting events to plan throughout treatment. Once I was in England, I gathered all my girlfriends together to tell them. There were plenty of tears but yet again plenty of positivity and support. The day after, we had a Christmas dinner, dressed in our Christmas jumpers, and had the best girly night ever. True mates will show you how much they care and those are the ones who will support you through your fight.

Me and my Dubai bestie
My best friends

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